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issue with AD8510 - self-excitation

Question asked by ermolenkoea on Jul 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2013 by ermolenkoea

Hi! I'm using AD8510 to invert input signal from DAC (G = -1). I have made this circuit on particular small PCB to test it:


All of elements are SMD's and all of the wires are as short as possible.

My problem: When I start this circuit and connect input to the ground I have a sin wave on output with ~2.4V amplitude (f = 1.09 MHz)! If I set input voltage to 1V or 2V, for example, - output sinusoidal signal moves down properly. But I can't get rid of the output sinus. Sometimes it disappears by itself and I can't identify the reason of this. I have checked the mount, resolder all of elements - nothing. So, it seem like self-excitation of AD8510. How can I solve this porblem? What am I doing wrong?