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Please suggest high-speed ADC (5 - 50 MSPS) for sampling AD8318

Question asked by panderson on Jul 29, 2013
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Hi All,


I have an AD8318 based circuit which samples a pulsed RF signal with a pulsewidth on the order of 1 usec.  I would like to use an ADC to convert the analog output of the AD8318 to digital so it can be read and processed by an FPGA.  The design example CN0150 (link below) using the 8318 has been very helpful, but I need an ADC faster than the AD7887 used in that example in order to measure several samples from every pulse (width= 1 usec).


  1. Can anyone suggest a 5 - 50 MSPS ADC that will interface directly with the output of the AD8318 as in the example CN0150?  Connecting directly between the two would be a big plus in terms of size and circuit complexity.  Obviously the ADC input would have to be compatible with the output of the AD8318 (DC-coupled, single-ended).
  2. I would like the output of the ADC to be parallel, not serial.  The FPGA board I'm using has a 50MHz clock, so my thought was to go parallel (vs. serial) so I can pull in as many samples during the 1usec pulse as possible.  Does anyone have any suggestions on where it becomes necessary to use LVDS parallel vs. single-ended parallel lines (in other words, is there some sampling frequency above which single-ended parallel lines are too noisy, slow, etc.?)
  3. Thanks (!!) for any help you can provide, even if just answering a part of what I'm asking in this post.  Any examples you could point me to would be awesome.


CN0150 Design Example:


Thanks again


EDIT:  I should have mentioned this before, but in terms of resolution, 10-bits is all I need for this application.  I wouldn't be against using a 12-bit if it was the right ADC, but 10-bits is enough.  So far, I'm liking the AD9203, AD9224, and AD9226.  Will these interface directly with the AD8318?


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