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The SRC programming on ADSP21469 similar to ee268

Question asked by May_cn on Jul 29, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by May_cn

Hi all,

     I try to program SRC on ADSP21469 similar to the EE-268 example1(Programming Asynchronous Sample Rate Converters on ADSP-21364).

The signal just like:----->SPORT0------>SRC0(48KHz  to 96KHZ)----->SPORT1.And I take I2S module.

(1) 48KHZ --->48KHZ




from the pictures, that when 48KHZ---->48KHZ ,it has noise. But 48KHZ---->96KHZ,it get a wrong answer.

I have no idea about this. What is wrong with it?

I hope someone can give me some advise. Thank you very much!