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Help to modify adsp-21489 example loader for SigmaStudio

Question asked by escalator on Jul 29, 2013
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I am just starting with a new project using ADSP-21489 EZ kit with SigmaStudio 3.8, the kit has 4 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs available on the example loader but I need 16 analog inputs. I know how to increase the number of input channels modifying the "initSRU_21469.c" included , assigning pins, SPORT channels and so  but I don,t know how to proceed for the modification needed on the "initSPORT.c"source file to get these 16 in -8 out working right, mainly the TCB blocks part that must be adapted to deal with these 16 inputs.

Can someone point me to any document or link to solve this problem?