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BF526 Exception issue

Question asked by seddona on May 10, 2010
Latest reply on May 10, 2010 by seddona

I am using a BF526-EZBRD with 0.0 rev silicon. I have been having issues in developing a custom project based on the BF526_EZKIT_POST example. To diagnose the issue I have returned as close to original base spec as possible; board jumpers in original settings, completely fresh install of VDSP and unmodified BF526_EZKIT_POST example. The issue is upon running the program a __unknown_exception_occured is halted at. Seqstat is 0x0000E02B, so 'Instruction fetch CPLB protection violation' with 'External Memory Addressing Error' . RETI is listed as 0xFF7FFF76 , RETX is 0xFF7FFFF6 both of which contain invalid code.


So somehow the processor is jumping to invalid code. I did not have this problem when first setting up the EZ-EZBRD and the POST example worked fine, since then I have changed various jumper settings etc, however I belive I have now put those back.


Any suggestions as to what this could be?