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I have a problem to configure the AD9915

Question asked by hanseyo on Jul 29, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2015 by kalupen

I am trying to effort to configure the AD9915 using parallel mode. I done configuration logic xilinx FPGA and use a 25MHz as configuration clock.

But I couldn't see the SYNC_CLK from pin-82 of AD9915 and couldn't read back register also.

I did as below.

1. power-up the board

2. confirmed the reference DDS input clock of 2.5GHz

3. send the master reset

4. confirmed the DDS external power down pin 

5. confirmed if the SYNC_CLK appeared at pin-82 or not but I couldn't see the SYNC_CLK


Parameter setting is same as below.


Address      Name              Value

0x00           CFR1:LSB       0x0308

0x02           CFR1:MSB      0x0001

0x04           CFR2:LSB       0x0A00

0x06           CFR2:MSB      0x0040

0x08           CFR3:LSB       0x191C

0x0A           CFR3:MSB      0x0000

0x0C           CFR4:LSB       0x3120

0x0E           CFR4:MSB      0x0005

0x2C           Profile0FTW     0xB852

0x2E           Profile0FTW     0x051E

0x30           Profile0POW    0x0000

0x32           Profile0ASF      0x07FF

0x6C          USR0:LSB        0x0800

0x6E          USR0:MSB       0x0000


I attached the capture file of xilinx chipscope.

where, LSB of address bit is truncated.


Please let me know read-back and SYNC_CLK confirmation method.



Thank you.