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ADA4896 spice model could not use for OrCAD PSpice.

Question asked by moto on Jul 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2013 by moto



ADA4896.cir download and try to simulate for OrCAD PSpice.

But it can not.

It changed "dquiet" lines to comment lines, then it works


"dquiet" line doesn't have parameters.

Is it OK ?

I don't know what shold I do.

Could I have a comment ?








.model  Rideal  res     T_ABS=-273                                             

.model  Rnoise  res     T_ABS=27                                               

.model  npn     npn     BF= -45455.5454545455                                          

.model  dquiet  d                                                      

.model  dvnoise d       KF=4000                                        

.model  dinoise1        d       KF=0.15                                        

.model  dinoise2        d       KF=0.15                                

.model  dzener  d       BV=32.9528364105265                                            

.model  dzener2 d       BV=50