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ADV7842 - ADV7611 Background measurement

Question asked by Yannick_C on Jul 26, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2013 by Yannick_C

Dear all,


I've experienced some troubles with ADV7842 HDMI background measurements on my own product. I've reproduced the problem on a ADV7619/ADV7511 evaluation board with AVES 2.05.

In fact when I connect a 1080i signal (50 Hz or 60 Hz) on the non active HDMI input, background measures do not lock all the times (BG_PARAM_LOCK stay at 0).


To reproduce that I have done :

- Connect a blue-ray reader on HDMI Port A that outputs 1080i 50Hz

- Execute script ":PortA 720p,1080i,Any CSPace In,24bit YCrCb444 from ADV761X thru HDMI Out 24bit YCbCr FS VIC,4,5,19,20:"

- The output TV displayed successfully the content and detect it as 1080i 50 Hz

- I unplug the cable from HDMI A and connect it to HDMI B ==> A blue screen is displayed on TV (free run enable)

- I refresh the background measures by set BG_MEAS_REQ to 1

- I read BG_PARAM_LOCK several times manually

- Sometimes it is set to 1 with correct measures for a 1080i 50Hz input signal and sometimes it stays to 0


I've done the same experiment with 576i (50Hz), 720p (50Hz and 60Hz) and 1080p (50hz and 60hz) without problems with background measures.


Best regards,