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VDK status structure in memory

Question asked by alemannia on Jul 25, 2013
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I am currently debugging an issue with a process overwriting heap memory. The problem is reproducible but not deterministic. It can take a few minutes or half a day. I don't know which (VDK) thread or interrupt service routine is responsible for the problem and when the memory corruption happens exactly but when it happens I can see certain regions of heap having all wrong values and the VDK status information in the IDE is all wrong - with invalid thread names and stack info. Now, is there a way to know where exactly in heap the VDK stores the status data about all threads in the system? I would like to put a hardware break point (data write) on a thread template name. I haven't found any detailed information about such a structure in the VDK manual.


I am developing on a BF518 with VDSP++ 5 Update 10