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Export of project with relative links -- fails to update links

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2013 by MikeSmithCanada

Consider a directory TOP with sub-directories COMMON and PROJECTS

where PROJECTS contains a large project TODAY with many links (not copies) into files in COMMON


The project TODAY has grown too large so the developer needs to split into 3 small projects

Developer creates a directory PARTS

Exports TODAY to directory PARTS

Changes name of TODAY to PART2

Exports PART2 to directory PARTS


Delete TODAY from directory TOP PROJECTS

Attempts to import projects back into CCES from PARTS

Import occurs

Attempts to build PART2 -- CCES complains that there is no way to build files since the files are still described as relative links so CCES is looking for files in ../../Common/*.cpp rather than ../Common/*.cpp

On VDSP if VDSP could not find a file when importing a project it gavce a warning message and said -- tell me where and I will uipdate relative links


What is the equivalent in CCES if can't find the file (other than going in and changing link of ever file in project by hand under properties

If there is no equivalent -- can you suggest how I can break a file into three parts (easy enough if project ends on same directory level as original) and then how can I refactor the directory to move the parts of the project into a sub-directory and update the relative links