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ADV7511/7612 eval board source code

Question asked by frankd on Jul 25, 2013
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Can I get the ADV7511/7612 eval board  Blackfin source code?  We tried running the scripts, but we’re pretty sure there’s some simple thing missing that happens in the Blackfin C code. For instance, if we just use the stuff in the script, the 7511 doesn’t run. But if we add forcing HPD on, it does. So we need whatever is not done in a script to start the 7612.


I probed on every relevant pin on the device, and it seems fine. It responds over I2C , same as the 7511. But the documentation for the 7612 isn’t as helpful or complete from a user standpoint as it is for the 7511. When we setup the 7612 in the same fashion as the script, we don’t see a digital output clock on pin 42 – so the device isn’t doing any video.


There’s something basic missing that we need.


Thank you