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ADV7511 Kernel Module Building

Question asked by aulucan on Jul 25, 2013
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We have a custom fpga board (Zynq based) and a carrier board for the fpga board. Carrier board has a ADV7511 HDMI chip. HDMI works properly with Analog Devices reference design driver in linux.


Our linux kernel source is "" with "xcomm_zynq-2013-04-19" tag. We are using "zync_xcomm_adv7511_hdmi" kernel configuration file and "zynq-zed-adv7511" devicetree file with some modifications.


We need to update kernel to 3.9 because of some ethernet issues. So we need to build ADV7511 driver as kernel module to use this driver in updated kernel.


There is a great discussion in the forum, named "Building ADV7511 driver as module". I read it, but I couldn't get some basic procedure like kernel module building and I think, it needs some updates for "xcomm_zynq-2013-04-19" tag (for example I couldn't find "analogdrm" module in the tag).


I have three issues in my mind, I will appreciate if someone helps me.


1. Are there any plan to merge this drivers to 3.9 kernel?

2. Which driver modules are required to build as kernel module in "xcomm_zynq-2013-04-19" tag?

3. What we have to do to get kernel modules of the driver in "xcomm_zynq-2013-04-19" tag?