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Samsung SII GT-I9100 and Sony Xperia Z not working in ADV7611 receiver

Question asked by venkatrose on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2013 by DaveD

Hi ,    


   Samsung SII+ GT-I9105 and Sony Laptop working but Same time  Samsung SII GT-I9100 and Sony Xperia Z not working in ADV7611 receiver.


Issue1:Samsung SII+ GT-I9105 Working but not Working in Samsung SII GT-I9100  I got only LCD full Black colour only

Issue2:Sony Laptop Working and Sony Xperia Z not working 


         In samsung Phone SII+ and SII set in Interlaced bit,and Laptop and Sony Xperia phone set in Progressive Bit.


          I have Connected  three different devices and read the Hdmi Status and IO register .That read value i have mentioned below.


HDMI-0x68 REG-0xB0      Laptop-0x02                          SII+-0x22                             SII-0x22


                     1.Laptop HDMI Status   2.Samsiung SII+ Phone        3.Samsung SII

                       Read Value                  GT-I9105 Read Value           GT-I9100 Read Value

0x98 0x60           0x03                              0x05                                 0x05

0x98 0x65           0x8E                             0x4C                                 0x48

0x98 0x6A           0x53                             0x53                                 0x53

0x98 0x6B          0x00                              0x00                                 0x00

0x98 0x6F           0x01                             0x01                                 0x01

0x98 0x70           0x00                             0x00                                 0x00

0x98 0x79           0x03                             0x05                                 0x05

0x98 0x7A           0x00                             0x00                                 0x00

Hdmi mode detect

0x68 0x05           0xB0                            0xB0                                 0xB0

Interlaced /Progressive Status

0x68 0xB0          0x02                              0x22                                 0x22



In samsung SII+GT-I9105 and SII GT-I9100 Input resolution are same only Different for  IO

0x98 0x65 0x4c in SII+ and 0x98 0x65 0x48  Bit 2 Raw status signal of General Control Packet detection signal.

Bit 2 is  Not set in GT-I9100 But set in Laptop and SII+ Phone.

0 - No general control packets received since the last HDMI reset condition

1 - General control packets received

   How to solve this Packets receiver issue.


Sony Xperia Phone and Laptop both also Same resolution only but Xperia  Phone  not working.  In Lcd side i got blinking like black colour and some times blue not an image and video.