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ADE7880 - maximum analog input

Question asked by mazahar on Jul 24, 2013
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We are using the ADE7880 metering IC in our energy meter project. While testing for over voltage condition we applied a voltage signal to our prototype that caused an analog input signal of more than 0.5V amplitude with respect to AGND. Observations were that the metering IC was responding with incorrect data after the over-voltage test, particularly the frequency data was too bad.


As per ADE7880 datasheet pg.25, the maximum signal level on analog inputs with respect to AGND is +/-0.5V. But as per ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS of pg.10, the rating is +/- 2V. Does it mean that the IC's operation will remain unaffected even for input signals more than 0.5V?


Request you to please clarify at the earliest.