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CCES request -- incremental build following exclusion of file

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Jul 24, 2013
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How do I set the build settings to handle this.


I have a project with 70 files (literally).  I F7 to build

One file.cpp has wrong syntax -- I fix and rebuild -- only the one file rebuilss as should occur with an incremental build


After working overtime until 3 am  :-)  I decide that I am never going to fix the problem

So I exclude the file.cpp and the file-calling.cpp files from project

System now rebuilds all 68 files not just the ones excluded

Found (because I am tired) that I never actually excluded the file-calling.cpp file from the project -- I exclude it --

again system now rebuilds all 68 files not just the ones excluded


Since I am hunting down a weird error in 5 files and am including and excluding files for this large project 30 times an hour, then a total rebuild is time consuming


Obviously -- the system is enforcing a clean all following an inclusion or an exclusion of a file (or moving a file from one project folder to another)


How do I over-ride that -- tried various things -- but did not work