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ADuCM360, start up time

Question asked by usaghi on Jul 24, 2013
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We have questions on datasheet of ADuCM360, when checking estimated start up time of the device..


a) On datasheet Rev.B page.9, PROCESSOR START-UP TIME, what is different between (At Power-On) and (From Processor Power-Down) ?

I think start-up from power-down is quite same as at power-on. Please could you clarify.


b) Sorry for this basic question, but what is kernel on ADuCM360, described at above (At Power-On, comments, includes kernel power-on execution time ) ?  I believe kernel is a word indicates core of software operating system in normal sense. Does ARM cortex-m3 on ADuCM360 have OS(Linux ?) intrinsicly ? If yes, could you please provide brief information of revision/authorship ?

Sorry that if I made huge misunderstandings.


c)  Annotation 1) at above page.9 is as follows.

<These numbers are not production tested, but are guaranteed by design and/or characterization data at production release.>

I believed characterization means tested under specified conditon, so it also sounds strange for me that <not tested, but guaranteed by characterization data at production release.>   Is there any cases that finishing characterization even though not tested ?


Again, sorry for these basic matters, but hoping we have your kind advices and any comments.


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