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FMCOMMs1-EBZ we received is different from offical website

Question asked by Marchzh on Jul 24, 2013
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      We purchased FMCOMMs1-EBZ from the ADI's official distributor (Avnet) . But the RF board (FMCOMMs1-EBZ) we received is different with the official website( Displayed on the official website, FMCOMMs1-EBZ version is REV A, but the product we received is REV B.

      Attached is the official version  REV A and REV B version we received.

       So, What my questions is (1). Do you  really have this version of REV B ? Or have any one others received this version of REV B?

      (2)  What's the difference between REV A and REV B? Could you provide some documentations about the version REV B ?

      (3)  In addition, can you provide a product list of FMCOMMs1-EBZ ? Because we found that there is no antenna and other accessories with FMCOMMs1-EBZ which we received.


     a part of picture from



     the picture of FMCOMMs1-EBZ that we received :





       Best regards!