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AD9912 - Can ADI provide phase noise plots using the internal oscillator?

Question asked by qhall on Jul 23, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2013 by sitti

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Our customer is interested in potentially using the AD9912 in their application.  The datasheet provides a plethora of different phase noise plots, but alas does not seem to provide any plots which show the performance of this device when the internal oscillator is used.  Rather, all of the plots leverage an external Wenzel oscillator.


Is there any chance that ADI could provide us with phase noise plots which show the performance of the device operating from a 10 or 15MHz crystal with an output frequency of 325MHz?  If that is not possible, are there perhaps similar plots which ADI can provide which will illustrate the performance of this device using the internal oscillator as a reference?


The end application requires multiple, phase coherent, signal sources. The current plan is to use a 1 GHz Wenzel oscillator as a reference and distribute the signal as reference to the various locations using differential twisted pair wiring. The concern is that there will just be too much loss to make it reliable. If we can achieve suitable noise performance with a lower frequency reference then everything gets easier and cheaper.


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