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higher dual voltage on ADG759

Question asked by andre-dekker on Jul 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2013 by JoeCreech

Dear analog engineers,


I want to use the ADG759 for muxing my sensor signals at 40MHz.

The problem I have, is that the only voltages I have on my PCB are ±3,3V and ±5,5V dual suppllies.

I need the low Ron resistance, so other options are not available at Analog.


The absoluut maximum of the ADG759 is 7V (VDD to VSS), can I use the ADG759 on a

± 3,3V power supply without degrading the specifications???


Hopefully one of you can help me.


With kind regards,




Message was edited by: Andre Dekker Reply button does''nt work so I do it this way. The transition times of the two parts are way to low. I need to switch with 40MHz so is there any other option???