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Urgent: HDMI Receiver Compliance/Certification with ADV7611W

Question asked by padmanathanj on Jul 23, 2013
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Hi All,


          In ADV7611W HDMI receiver based design, to meet the HDMI Compliance/Certification, we need the following Clarifications;

  1. Regarding the +5V from HDMI Connector;
  • Since the Absolute Maximum Rating for the RXA_5V pin in ADV7611W is given as 5.3V and the HDMI spec calls for the Maximum voltage at +5V Power pin as 5.3V; No Margin
    • We are planning to add a diode in series to the Input +5V Power from HDMI connector (to create Margin with the Diode Drop) before connecting to RXA_5V pin.
    • Is it ok to use a diode in series to +5V and then use this derived 5V to Power the RXA_5V pin and Pull-Ups of HPD, DDC (SCL/SDA), CEC? Interms of Certification/Compliance.
      • Please note that it is an Internal EDID based application (Car Infotainment system).


     2. Regarding the HPD Assertion with respect the "Enhanced DDC Sink" requirement in HDMI Specifications;

  • As per the HDMI Spec it states that "the E-EDID information should be available in DDC within 20ms  after the +5V Power Signal is provided".
    • This derives to the requirement that the HPD should not be asserted until the Internal EDID is ready (initialized/configured by the Host).
  • Our Application uses Internal EDID of ADV7611W HDMI Receiver.
  • In our actual Unit, once the Unit is Powered ON, the CPU takes considerable time to boot and then to Intialize the HDMI Receiver (ADV7611W) and its internal EDID.
    • Our SW automatically asserts the HPD once the Initialization of HDMI Receiver is done; so that the Source can re-read the EDID contents and send the Correct resolution HDMI output. Hence the Funtionality is not affected.
    • However, Meanwhile (during Boot-up and Intialization), if a HDMI source is already connected to its HDMI port, the HPD would have been already assereted when the EDID is not ready (for more than 10 seconds);
      • This deviates the "<20ms" requirement stated in HDMI spec.
      • Does this deviation affects any of the HDMI Certification or Compliance Tests?
      • Is this 20ms a mandatory requirement which could be measured in any of the HDMI compliance tests?


Please help to respond urgently.


Thanks & Regards,

Padmanathan J