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ADV7630  TX HDCP issue

Question asked by daoyin Employee on Jul 23, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2013 by daoyin


When use some Laptop as HDMI source such as DELL,/ASUS brand, We meet TX HDCP error issue

Signal Chain:

Laptop (HDMI)--->ADV7630 RX-----mux Mode----->ADV7630 TX (HDCP )


Also we check it with Blue ray DVD, set up box, PC,signal generator, TX HDCP always correct


I capture the failed TX DDC log file as attachment. We can see the R0' value  is not changed in one cycle


What my solution (but not effected):

1. Changed the TMDS Vp-p by change the R-EXT resistor value

2. Active the TX HDCP manual (not by SW)


The Laptop  which I tested don't support HDCP feature ,so it must be not because of HDCP repeater issue


Would you please kindly give me some advice?