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[ADV7619] Using upright HDMI connector for 4K application

Question asked by iverguin on Jul 19, 2013
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I would like to know if you think that using a HDMI upright (flag) connector is good to use with the ADV7619 for 4K applications?

Such as:

- TE 2007435-1

- Freeport 51R019S-xxx

- Kycon KDMIX-SL1-NS-WS-B15

(all are through-hole parts)

Nothing is clearly written on this.

On previous boards we were using horizontal RA SMT connectors, but now we are designing a board where the PCB space is limited and would need to use TH upright connector instead, and are wondering if it is good enough. Most of the above P/N are part of the approved connector list v1.4, but I am not sure it means anything - I have been told that 4K application depends more on the cable and receiver (ADV7619) equalizer.

What do you think?


Thank you in advance.