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asm construct clarification

Question asked by Gasha on Jul 18, 2013
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First, I want to say that description of asm construct in the Sharc C/C++ manual  is the worst piece of documenration Analog Devices ever produced. I read it many times and I still do not know haw to properly write it. I tried several versions and compiler gives me an error every single time.


What I want  to have is min and max macro that uses MIN amd MAX assemble instructions.

I would prefere to have

out_a = MIN (in_b, in_c),

but it looks like that this is not possible (is it?). So I would be happy with

MIN(out_a, in_b, in_c)

that translate into one assembler instruction

Fx = MIN(Fy, Fz).


I tried:

#define MIN(var0,var1,var2) \

        asm("%0 = MIN(%1,%2);\



I get following error:

".\Control.c", line 139: cc0018:  error: expected a ")"

     MIN(Fdr, Fdr,Frot[Num_Lm-1]);



Assuming that the construct can be written properly, can I use the same C variable for var0 and var1: MIN(x,x,y) ?


Thank you.