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ADV7511 3D side-by-side (Full) support

Question asked by hamid on Jul 18, 2013
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We have been using this chip in 3D frame packing mode for a while. I am in the process of adding 3D side-by-side (Full) mode to our system. As far as I can tell, I am generating the correct timing according to HDMI specification, and the TV I am using supports this mode. However, when I switch input timing to ADV7511 from frame packing to side-by-side (full) mode, TV displays "Invalid Format" and falls out of 3D mode.


I am using 1080p24 in both modes and the pixel clock is 148.5MHz. ADV7511 is not configured to generate DE.


Is there any register in ADV7511 I need to set so the transmitter correctly processes the input? Could there be an issue with the 3D_structure not being correctly set in InfoFrame packet? If so, how do I correct it?