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Prevent zero init of data?

Question asked by ThorMJ on Jul 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2013 by PatrickN

Ok since I can't read back what I wrote to the watchdog, I did this:


char WD_Track __attribute__( ( section( "IRAM2"),zero_init) );

void WDT_PET(char Track)



          WD_Track = Track;



But even though I said IRAM2 (0x43F00, length 0xFF, NoInit checked in target configuration) and zero_init, it still gets reset when the watchdog bites.

Looking at the .map file, it looks like Keil stuffed it into 0x4064c (Doh!  I thought I was being clear enough?)

How do I make this variable persist across reboots?