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Accessing .h files across projects

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Jul 18, 2013
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With VDSP, I had my students set up a directory structure of the form

Top -- ClassName

Next Level -- Lab1, Lab2, Lab 3   where the labs are all interrelated, which meant that Lab 3.c code would include header files from Lab2 and Lab1 of the form

#include "../Lab2/lab2.h"

#include "../Lab1/lab1.h"


Essentially they have a series of new sub-projects each week which could all be in one directory but I would prefer them t practice as if working with other teams -- hence the separate directory


With Cross core project structure -- I would need to do something like


#include "../Lab2/src/lab2.h"

#include "../Lab1/src/lab1.h"


or is there any easier way to include header files from one project in another project under the cross-core idde



Mike Smith