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AD7895 abnormal timing

Question asked by on Jul 18, 2013
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I know that the users must be based on the timing chart Fig.3 in the data sheet basically. But I think that the care is necessary when an abnormality on the system. In the below 3 cases, what kind of behavior is it? Is there the method to remove it if it becomes abnormal?

1. Input the pulse to SCLK during BUSY:Hi

        The user have found that BUSY keeps Hi level.

2. Input Low to CONVST during inputting SCLK

3. Input 15 or less SCLK pulses

I would greatly appreciate if you could answer for only No.1 by 28/Jul.


And I know the below question to be difficult for you. If you have some advice, please let me know.

Please refer the attached.

Is there the method to remove  keeping Hi of BUSY?


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