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AD5290 - SPI voltage level

Question asked by PaulParker on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by DRice

Hi Analog Devices community !


In one of my electronic application, I need to control about 20 AD5290 with one microcontroller (MSP430F5438). I want to make it without using the SPI daisy chain mode, so it will be a pin selection dedicated to each DAC. The SCLK, MOSI and MISO lines will be shared between the 20 AD5290.


However, the microcontroller operates in 3.3V and the AD5290 in 5V... My questions are:


- The AD5290 only need a power supply (VDD) which will be 30V for my application, however, do it works with 0-5V voltage on SCLK, MOSI and MISO?


- If the AD5290 works with 5V SPI, I plan to use a bidirectional level translator (TXB0104). Do you think this is a good idea?


- Finally, I saw in the datasheet that there's a pull-up resistor of 2.2K between MOSI and MISO in daisy chain mode. So, do I should put pull-up resistors on the MOSI and MISO lines knowing that I am not in a daisy chain configuration?


Thank you very much,