SigmaStudio 3.9.2 Beta Available for Download

Discussion created by BrettG on Jul 17, 2013
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The latest SigmaStudio Beta release is available for download here:


You will need to log in with your MyAnalog account to access the download.


Here are a list of the updates in recent versions:


Updates SigmaStudio 3.9.2 BETA

  • Export to Linux files now supports XML format. Implementation of Export to Linux files for ADAU1701.
  • Single band level detector supports linear display.
  • New peak dynamics processors with external detect (Mono/Stereo) that supports fast release for low frequencies.


Updates SigmaStudio 3.9.1 BETA

  • Single band level detector has now a new graphic adjustable display.
  • Added All-pass selection to “First Order Filters” type in General (2nd Order) Filter
  • Added user selectable phase wrapped/un-wrapped and radians/degrees options in probe window

Bug Fixes SigmaStudio 3.9.1 BETA

  • FIR Filter table is fixed, with all coefficients set to zero except the first.


Updates SigmaStudio 3.9.0 BETA

  • Extended probe window frequency axis to 96kHz maximum.
  • Added log lookup table for ADAU170x and ADAU144x.
  • Made simple sub-harmonic support ADAU176x, ADAU1781 and ADAU144x.
  • Added Quad VCO support ADAU1701 and AD1940.
  • Added VCO with flexible phase for ADAU170x and ADAU144x.
  • Added two externally triggered sweeps for ADAU170x and ADAU144x.
  • Added square root approximation for ADAU170x and ADAU144x.
  • Added peak compressor with zero cross for ADAU176x, ADAU1781 and ADAU144x.
  • Added elliptical interpolated IIR low pass filter for ADAU176x, ADAU1781 and ADAU144X.

Bug Fixes SigmaStudio 3.9.0 BETA

  • Change schematic view mouse wheel zoom steps to match the zoom menu zoom step sizes.
  • Decrease font size and add tooltips in the ADAU144X register window to fix readability issues.
  • Optimized schematic linking reduces compile times for large projects