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Size of a video frame

Question asked by hercules on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by GuenterL

Im trying to figure out how much memory a frame of video in the 4:2:2 format is required. I found a presentation slide which showed for 720 pixels  by 480 lines 8.29 Megabytes is required. Then I found another slide that showed for 720 pixels by 483 lines 695,520 pixels is required. I'm confused since I thought that 4:2:2 indicates 8 bytes per pixel then some discussions seem to say the color is sampled at half the rate of the Luminance. I want to feed standard NTSC video into the ADV7180 and store frames in memory. So guess fundamentlly how many bytes stream out of the ADV7180 in 33.33ms?