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ADV7611 DVI 1024x768 input

Question asked by AndyHC on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2013 by GuenterL



I have a custom board with a ADV7611 configured to accept a DVI input from a PC and output 16 bit YUV422 to a processor.


The EDID is programmed correctly as the PC recognises the supported resolutions, however the video I have decoded seems to be incorrect. If I set the output to be 16 bit YUV422 mode 4 (output option 0x90) then I get very dark video, but if I set the output to be 16 bit YUV422 mode 0 (output option 0x80) then the video is lighter but the colours all seem wrong. Free run mode seems to work correctly.


I have attached the register setup's I have used (Prog_ADV7611) and example outputs (Test1.mp4 for output mode 0x80, Test67.mp4 for output mode 0x90).


Any help or pointers would be appreciated.