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CCES, problems changing names and workspace

Question asked by BlackBeauty on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2013 by CraigG



I have a problem working with projects and workspace in CCES, i need a protocol in order to work properly.


When i create a project, and i am working in it (for instance version0). I save the project and i make a copy of this project with different name (like version1 or some). But when i import this new version1 to the workspace (version0 and version1 belong the same folder and therefore to the same workspace) it stop working. It seems like there is no interrupts because the "pointer"(or trace) stays still in while(1) waiting for an audio interrupt, but never happens. Then i come back to the version 0 and the same problem occurs. So i have to start a new project from the begining. I can't keep on working like this... .(. Surely i am the problem, but i need a solution or a better way to manage my project verions.


Best regards and thanks in advance.