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Split Screen observed while capturing PAL M using ADV7181C

Question asked by saurabhdynamic on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2013 by FrankK


I am facing split screen issue in the captured video, when my input resolution is PAL M. (Composite video standard Used in Brazil).

I am using ADv7181C chip.

To brief about this issue:

  •      I was facing continuous interrupt on composite , when no AV was connected leading my device to crash.
  •      I could not avoid the continuous interrupt generation, but based on the video status (current and previous), decided whether to raise teh interrupt (via callback) to my media engine.
  • Along with the above fix, I also added 100ms delay after detection of video std as well as after script is loaded.
    • Due to this delay, other resolutions worked fine but PAL M started giving split screen in captured video.

Need to know:

  • Reason for continuous interrupt generation
    • Which bits are to be set/reset and when i.e. in which order
  • Why adding/removing delay is affecting PAL M.


Also, please find attached screen shots ("split_screen_on_content.png" & "split_screen_on_generator.png") of the captured video, having split screen.

Also i am attaching the register settings(script "script_used_for_composite.txt") being loaded for CVBS.


Please let me know if any clarifications needed for this.


Thanks in advance,