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adv7612 configuration for 720p60

Question asked by gxk on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2013 by GuenterL

Using custom board with adv7612 which gets 720p60


1. How to make sure that adv7612 outputs correct video?

Reading HDMI reg 07 gives x85 where DE is not kocked.


2. The laptop which is my HDMI source not recognizes connection to the board. Is it some missed configuration?


My configuration from script ADV7612-VER.2.9c.txt with changes for 720p60 16bit embed sync 422

        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0xff 0x80 # I2C reset
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0xf4 0x80 # set addr of CEC
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0xf5 0x7c # set addr of INFOFRAME
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0xf8 0x4c # set addr of DPLL
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0xf9 0x64 # set addr of KSV
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0xfa 0x6c # set addr of EDID
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0xfb 0x68 # set addr of HDMI
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0xfd 0x44 # set addr of CP


        #/i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0x00 0x13 # set video std
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0x01 0x06 # set video freq and primary mode
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0x02 0xf5 # Auto CSC, YCrCb out, Set op_656 bit
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0x03 0x80 # 16b SDR ITU-R BT.656 4:2:2 mode 0
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0x04 0x62 # OP_CH_SEL[2:0] = 011b - (P[15:8] Y, P[7:0] CrCb), XTAL_FREQ[1:0] = 01b (28.63636 MHz)
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0x05 0x2c # AV Codes on
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0x06 0xa6
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0x0b 0x44 # power up
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0x0c 0x42 # power up
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0x14 0x7f # max drive strength
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0x15 0x80 # disable tristate of pins
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0x19 0x83 # LLC DLL phase
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x4c 0x33 0x40 # LLC DLL enable


        # set CP map
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x22 0xba 0x01 # set HDMI FreeRun


        # set repeater map
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x32 0x40 0x81 # disable HDCP 1.1


        # set HDMI map
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0x9b 0x03 # recommended
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0xc1 0x01 # recommended
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0xc2 0x01 # recommended
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0xc3 0x01 # recommended
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0xc4 0x01 # recommended
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0xc5 0x01 # recommended
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0xc6 0x01 # recommended
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0xc7 0x01 # recommended
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0xc8 0x01 # recommended
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0xc9 0x01 # recommended
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0xca 0x01 # recommended
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0xcb 0x01 # recommended
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0xcc 0x01 # recommended
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0x00 0x08 # set HDMI Input Port A  (BG_MEAS_PORT_SEL = 001b)
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0x02 0x03 # enable Ports A & B in background mode
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0x83 0xfc # enable clock terminators for ports A & B
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0x6F 0x0C # recommended
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0x85 0x1F # recommended
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0x87 0x70 # recommended
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0x8D 0x04 # LFG port A
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0x8E 0x1E # HFG port A
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0x1A 0x8A # unmute audio
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0x57 0xDA # recommended
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0x58 0x01 # recommended
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0x75 0x10 # DDC drive strength
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0x90 0x04 # LFG port B
        /i2cset -y $bus 0x34 0x91 0x1E # HFG port B