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Audio DAC with integrated headphone & speaker power-amp

Question asked by mwfortner on Jul 16, 2013
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Hello Team,


I am working with a professional broadcast equipment customer here locally on a new design that will use the ADI ADMP441 MEMs MIC w/ I2S output (exactly what they needed).

In addition, they approached me to see if ADI can also provide an Audio DAC which provides several power-amp outputs, somewhat similar to what's offered on AKM's AK4343:

I searched through the available Audio DAC offering on the website, but it appears that most of our DACs of this type require external audio amps:


Have I overlooked something either on the roadmap or hidden on the site in another part classification which may provide a built-in Headphone-Amplifier, Receiver-Amplifier and 1.2W output Speaker-Amplifier like the AKM device?


Thanks in advance for your help.