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What would cause a 30% change in a single adc reading?

Question asked by ThorMJ on Jul 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by MMA

I have a PT100 rigged to the IEXC0 source...

When I read the ADC, for ~230 samples, most of the time, it's ok, but sometimes I get 1 sample that is 30% down; eg:

Normally, I'm reading ~0x060FDC77, but other times, I read 0x04BB280E.


Before the reading, I do:


while(!(ADCSTA & 0x01))






And tell is always ~8 or so, so I shouldn't be missing any ADC conversions, and I shouldn't be reading the ADC before it's ready.

I'm only using 1 channel, so it doesn't seem to be a mux issue...