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External EDID access for powered-off system / ADV7850

Question asked by BrianE Employee on Jul 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2013 by BrianE

How can ADV7850 hardware be configured so that

a)  an external I2C EDID EEPROM can be used on the DDC bus of a given HDMI input port, and

b)  it can be accessed during a powered off state without interference on the DDC_i2c connections to the chip?


Note that this is not a question of accessing the external SPI EDID EEPROM on the backend, which may (for the sake of other HDMI inputs) or may not be present.


Note that this is not a software question, either, since the system is without power (save for the 5V from the plugged HDMI Source) and therefore without programming.


This question may translate to a need for elaboration in section 3.2.4 of the hardware user guide.