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ADE7878 - Waveform Sampling guestion

Question asked by pdop on Jul 15, 2013
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I’m using ADE7878 Evaluation Kit. I’ve configured it to acquire data from ADE7878 using HSDC port and display waveform samples using Eval software.

After setting 1000ms (50 periods) of acquisition time and looking at the frames the eval board was sending to PC, I’m wondering how it is possible to acquire all data with 115200 boud?

There is information in UG-146xxx.pdf that LPC2368 has two buffers for data. I assume Eval-software has to read 603bytes (3 x (2xM+1) x 67) before samples of next period will arrive. I think 115200 speed is not enough to read all data.

So my question is, is there a bigger buffer in LPC2368?  Is it possible to read data for all currents: IA,IB,IC,IN? I’ve send frame asking for IA,IB,IC and I’ve got correct answer but again there is a question if I’m able to read all data  for 1000ms?