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EVAL-AD5933EBZ rev. C external I2C connection

Question asked by bremen on Jul 13, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2013 by Marvin007

Hello there,

Recently i was working with the eval board covered in the topic. My intention is to connect to an AD5933 chip with external MCU using I2C line. The thing is i need to firstly test up some setups, so it would be really nice to be abble to connect with I2C to the eval board, without any interrupts from cypress chip.


In general i find the schematics covered in the datasheet not compatibile with the board- many elements are not covered on the schematics, or there is no text on the board, thats why this is so unclear for me.


My question is- is there a possibility to connect to the AD5933 on the eval board and all its periphrials using I2C without having to cut the SDA and SCL lines to Cypress chip. Maybe it is possible to cut the power source to cypress hill?


Send thing is i realised there is that there are actually 2 GND signals that are separated (bottom layer of the board), but what connects them and what is that for (because they are connected)?


What is T6 and T5 for? AD5933 pin 2 and 3 (thats where they go from cypress chip) are specified to not connect to...?


Any help would be rly aprichiated, this is an urgent matter.