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issue for how to configure Various input format to fixed output  in ADV7611

Question asked by venkatrose on Jul 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2013 by venkatrose

Hi all,


    In our customized ADV7611 board was support the 720P videos,But other diffrent resolution hdmi inputs  like mobile phones not working.


  Our requriements are various HDMI inputs like 1080P,720P and 480P but ADV7611 output format should be 720P or 1280x800.

How to configure this settings in ADV7611. We are configured  ADV7611  for Auto graphics mode for Non standard video format,this settings manual provide by Analog ADV7844/ADV7842 user guide.


  Input may be different format resolution from laptop or Mobile Phones but output format should be 720P or 1280x800.


Please update how to configure this various support in ADV7611.


Thanks by,