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AD9915- What is the CFR2 correct setting with Moduluds mode?

Question asked by FreddyS on Jul 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2013 by LouijieC

  Dear Supporter

  Using AD9915 with Single tone mode and Program Modulus enabled.

  Please advise on the right settings of the CFR2 [23:16] especially marked by yellow color. 

  1. Bit16 =1; 1 = enables programmable modulus.   
  2. Bits 17,18 =00; 0 = disables no-dwell high/low functionality (default). OK
  3. Bit 19 =? in one hand, I want to disable the DRG function but if I want to use the Modulus mode,  DRG must be active as it is used as an auxiliary accumulator.  Please clarify what should be bit19 setting for modulus mode? 
  4. Bits 20,21 =00; Digital ramp destination is Frequency
  5. Bit 22 =0 (serial control is used); 
  6. Bit 23---- PS0,PS1 and PS2 are connected to GND so I use only Frequency Tuning Word 0 and no Phase/Amplitude control (OSK =0).
    Therefore bit 23 should be 1 in order to use external pins PS0 to 2 as defined in the DS.
       0 = disables profile mode functionality (default). And 1 = enables profile mode functionality. Profile pins are used to select the desired profile. 

In case bit23=0- Which profile is selected ? How is this profile triggered/activated?   I cannot find any details in the data sheet.