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Core Transfer from IDP_FIFO

Question asked by RiccardoGiuliani on Jul 13, 2013
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I'm using an ADSP-21369 EZ-KIT Lite, trying to understand how to make the core transfer from the idp fifo.

While with dma I've found the right registers and settings (ram addressing, count, modify) I've been not able to do the same with the core: nothing but the registers' values to set for enabling.

Documents I checked are:

ADSP-2137x SHARC Processor Hardware Reference, (Revision 2.2, April 2013)

SHARC Processor Programming Reference (Includes ADSP-2136x, ADSP-2137x, and ADSP-214xx Processors) (Revision 2.4, April 2013)

I thought to adopt the dag but in any case don't know if this suffices, because I haven't understood how the transfer works.

Hope you can help me.