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Question about Automatic Speaker EQ file format

Question asked by MichaelAF on Jul 12, 2013
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Hi There!


I am working with an ADAU1701 and am looking into the Automatic Speaker EQ block.


The documentation says compatible formats include Impulse Responses with one measurement per line and Frequency responses in the MLSSA format.


My measurement tool at this time is the Dayton OmniMic system. It outputs .FRD files for frequency response. When I open one in wordpad it looks like this:


22.64709     69.42     -29.8

22.8112     69.69     -30

22.9765     69.94     -30.2

23.143     70.15     -30.4

23.3107     70.27     -30.6

23.47962     70.27     -30.8

23.64977     70.15     -31

23.82114     69.94     -31.2

23.99376     69.71     -31.4


This file does not import into the block (renamed it to have suffix .txt) but this looks to me to be one measurement per line. Am I missing something or is this just a formatting issue of some type.


Thanks in advance!