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Sync Polarity Setting in ADV7611/ADV7513 Repeater Driver?

Question asked by Nikkee on Jul 12, 2013
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The sync polarity setting of Rx is done by the following functions in the driver.
1) MIDLWARE\REP\RX\sysa.c L1925:ADIAPI_RxHdmiSetSyncPolarity(VsyncPol, HsyncPol, 0xff)
2) RX\LIB\rx_hdmi.c L863:ATV_ERR ADIAPI_RxHdmiSetSyncPolarity(UCHAR Hsync, UCHAR Vsync, UCHAR Llc)


Arguments of Vsync and Hsync are switched each other between above functions.
So we think that output sync polarities are switched each other in video format of different polarity
between Vsync and Hsync, for example WUXGA ?


Are above original functions no problem ?
Should we replace arguments in the same order between above functions ?


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