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ADV7511 NTSC configuration sequence

Question asked by dil on Jul 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2013 by dil

Hi All,

         I am using ADV7511 as HDMI tx in one of my project. The input to the ADV7511 is (SD-SDI/HD-SDI) driven by FPGA and s/w image running on FPGA does all required I2C configurations.

         I could bring up all my HD formats and SD formats except NTSC. I am using similar configuration sequence for both PAL & NTSC, PAL works fine but not NTSC. Can somebody please help me out in resolving this issue?

I have attached config sequence which i used for PAL and NTSC. I am referring "ADV7511 Low-Power HDMI 1.4 Compatible Transmitter with Audio Return Channel - PROGRAMMING GUIDE" for configuration (