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ADuC702x how to write/write the data into specific FLASH/EE address?

Question asked by Alexandergb on Jul 11, 2013
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There is an incorrect example in enclosure - it doesn't work.

I tried to write some data at specified address of FLASH/EE and then read them by 'load' function.

But these data are incorrect - they doesn't correspond to definition

const unsigned short ee_num  @ STARTADDR = 0x2000;

const unsigned short ee_mas[4]  @ STARTADDR1 = {0, 2048,2048,2048};


and after assignment operators,


    npar = 5;

    for (int j=0; j<4; j++)




// ......... some operators




  they doesn't correspond to assigned values.


1) What I made wrong?


2) Is anywhere the macroses such as

__EEPROM_DATA(<addr>, <data1>, <data2>,.....) - to write initial values to flash/ee ,
__EEPROM_READ(<addr>,<data_to_read>) - to read data from specified cells of flash/ee,
__EEPROM_WRITE(<addr>,<data_to_write>) - to write data into cell with specified address?