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AD5293 Wiper not updating

Question asked by Jamesm on Jul 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2013 by DRice



I'm working with the AD5293.  I am trying to program the wiper and it doesn't seem to be accepting it.  I've read all the previous postings, but it still hasn't shed any light on why it's not working for me.


I've attached timing diagrams for programming the control register and programming a value of 2 into the wiper.  The signals are captured directly from the pins on the chip.


One additional note..  I attached a pull-up resistor to the RDY pin to monitor it.  When monitoring the RDY pin, I never see the pin pulled low after the transactions.  I assumed it was because everything is operating so slowly.  Should RDY go low no matter how slow the interface is running?


Please let me know if you see anything that might help.  Thanks