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Beginner in Energy Monitoring

Question asked by swapnil on Jul 10, 2013
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Hello Folks,


I am Embedded Design Engineer worked on pure digital circuits like DAS, micro-controller base controlling etc till now. my new assignment is Smart Energy Meter.


As i am new in designing and developing a Smart Energy Meter, i would like your suggestion on how should i start my development, as i would be working on High voltage and current what all precaution should i take?


I have purchased a EVAL ADE7880EBZ  evaluation kit and working with cortex M4 controller Eval board for same is also purchased.



Please share me Link about

1. Basic fundamental stuff for Meter's?

2. as i have to just read the data from the ADE IC through SPI not much i have to do, but if anyone already worked with ADE78xx chip to make an Product of it what type of lab equipment did you used, what lab condition will i have to consider? some little experience for the same.



Please share me the experience it will be of great help to me.



I am not asking for hardware or software, but little help in figuring out how to make thing work.