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How do I use the AD9122 FIFO?

Question asked by JeonKihyeon on Jul 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2013 by Tguy

Thank you for everytime answer.

AD9122 is so difficult.

I have one question.


My system is below.

AD9122 internal pll is locked in user designed board.

I transmit 16bit sine wave data to DAC.

Fdacclk(DCI) is 100MHz. word interface mode.

Frefclk is 150MHz, N0 = 1, N1 = 8, N2 = 16.

So Fdacclk is 1.2G, Fvco is 1.2G.

Interpolation x8.


But always occur FIFO warning, and DAC output signal is corruption.

I think cause is different FIFO read point and write point.


I think FIFO write point increased by Fdacclk.

And read point increased by Fdata(DCI).

Is correct?

If so, Fdacclk and Fdata same Frequency?