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ADV7612 interrupt status register

Question asked by daisu on Jul 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2013 by GuenterL

Hello all,


ADV7612 outputs interrupt , but we can not find  interrupt register.

ADV7612 outputs IRQ1 at Low level ( Level interrupt mode).
We checked interrupt status register ( 0x43 and so on) because of finding bit which enable interrupt.
But,  we can not find bit which value is "1".

So, we can not set register as no interruption  and AV7612 remains to output interrupt.
We reset IC only to avoid above.

Is there anything register to check except register described in datasheet when interrupt is generated ?
Below is registers which we confirm now.

IO area
0x43 bit2-4
0x48 bit7
0x5c bit1-3
0x61 bit0-7
0x66 bit0-7
0x6b bit0-7
0x70 bit0-2
0x7a bit0-7
0x7f bit0-7
0x84 bit0-7
0x89 bit0-7
0x8e bit0-1
0x93 bit0-5
0x98 bit0-7


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